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The Name You Know

America Ambulance is one of the largest and fastest growing emergency service providers recognized by area hospitals, fire department personnel, and law enforcement officials for its advanced medical equipment, reliability and compassion in patient care.

Beyond emergency services, America is also equipped to provide non-emergency transportation. Whether you or a loved one needs local or long distance transport, America offers the reassurance of safety and comfort.

We serve the communities of Jacksonville, Springfield, and Rochester Ill. As well as all the surrounding areas including, but not limited to: Riverton, Athens, New Berlin and Petersburg.

America Ambulance also plays an active role in the community by providing event standby services for community events.

Whether you need emergency medical service or non-emergency transport, America Ambulance is here for you. Just ask for America by name.

Put Your Trust In America!

America Ambulance Services

Address: 1501 S. Fifth Street, Springfield, IL 62703
2711 W. Washington St., Springfield, IL 62702

Email: americaambulance@gmail.com

Phone Number: 217-523-3636

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs with Josh

- How are your ambulances staffed?
All 10 of our ambulances are staffed with at least one licensed Paramedic and one liscensed E.M.T. basic.

- Will I get to go to the hospital of my choice?
Yes, as a patient it is your right to choose which facility you would like to be transported to

- How long will it take for an ambulance to get to me?
It depends on the location, but our ambulances are spread out across the Springfield and surrounding areas to reduce response time.

- If I have an appointment at the hospital or doctor can an ambulance take me?
Yes, we do a lot of prearranged transports.

- May a family member or friend ride with the patient?
Typically for liability reasons we try to avoid taking excess riders. Exceptions can be made in the event of the patient being a small child or minor.

- Can I refuse to be treated?
Yes, as a patient, it is your right to refuse treatment so long as you have the ability to make an informed decision.

- Will I be charged if I refuse transport?
America Ambulance does not charge for refusals.

- How do I contact you?
In the event of an emergency we recommend that you contact 911. However if you would like to contact us directly, you can call us at 217-523-3636 24 hours a day.

FAQs with Bob

- What if I have no insurance?
If you call 911, we don’t worry about insurance, all we care about is your emergency. We will get you from wherever you are to the hospital regardless of your insurance status.

- What area do you serve?
We serve all areas of Sangamon County. We also respond to the Jacksonville area.

- How much does it cost?
Cost varies based on the level of treatment that we are providing, how far we are going, and what type of equipment we are using during the transport. If it is an emergency, most of the time, cost is really not an issue.

- Will Medicare cover the cost of the ambulance?
Emergency services are a Medicare covered benefit. Specific treatments that we do during the transport may or may not be covered by Medicare.

- What insurance do you take?
We take all commercial insurers and we take all state and federal covered insurance.

- Can I make payments on my bill?
Typically payment arrangements are no problem. Contact the business office at 217- 523-3636 and they can setup the arrangement for you.

- Can I make transfer arrangements in advance?
Yes, just call our office and let us know what you need a few days in advance and we will set it up for you.